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Download the latest BlueLight Internet Phonelist - Updated 07/21/2009

Note: This page applies to Windows 95/98/ME/NT only.

The BlueLight Internet phone list is updated every time you connect to BlueLight Internet. If you haven't connected in a while or if you installed BlueLight Internet using an older version of the software, then you probably do not have an updated phone list. The latest BlueLight Internet phone list may include new access numbers and exclude numbers that have been decommissioned. Having an updated phone list will help ensure a successful connection to BlueLight Internet.

Please follow the instructions below to download and install the latest BlueLight Internet phonelist and get online with BlueLight Internet.

  1. To ensure that your BlueLight Internet software is up to date, you will need the latest version of our phonelist.

Click here to update your phonelist.

  1. Once the File Download dialog box appears, select the option to Run this program from its current location and click OK.

  1. The Phonelist Update Setup screen will appear. Make sure the correct folder where you installed BlueLight Internet is in the box. If it is not, click the Browse... button and select the correct folder.

  1. To install the phonelist update, click Install. To cancel the process, click Cancel.

Once you've installed the phone list, click here for instructions on how to select a new access number.