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Import Contacts from other Email addresses

Email on the Web provides its users the ability to import Address Book entries from other Web based Email providers like emailMyName, Hotmail, Yahoo! and many more. Before you import the Address Book entries, please read the helpful pointers listed below.

A few things to remember:

  • Please make sure to sign into your Email on the Web account before importing an Address Book.
  • You will need the Email address and Password of the account you are importing. BlueLight Internet does not store your Password or use them for any purpose.
  • Importing Address Book entries from your other Email address does not remove or edit the existing entries in any way.
  • Email on the Web Address Book can hold 10000 entries. If you are importing more than the specified limit, only the first 10000 will be imported.
  • If you import information about a contact that matches the email address of an existing entry, only the most recently uploaded version of that entry remains.

Importing Contacts from Other Email Addresses:

  1. Sign-in to Email on the Web.
  2. Click on the Address Book tab.
  3. Click on the Import link on the upper-right corner.
  4. From the Select Program drop-down, select a program to import your contacts from (example: emailMyName).
  5. Enter the Email Address and Password for verification.
  6. Click Import.
Once the Import process is complete, you will receive a confirmation explaining whether or not the Import was successful.

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