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Mail Forwarding (BlueLight Internet MegaMail)

BlueLight Internet MegaMail users can choose to automatically forward their incoming BlueLight Internet email messages to a different email account. Click here to upgrade to MegaMail.

To set up Mail Forwarding:

  • Log in to Message Center.
  • Click on Options and select General.
  • In the Mail Forwarding, select ON - Forward all my new email.
  • To keep copies of the forwarded emails in your Message Center Inbox, select Save all forwarded messages in my account. Otherwise, choose Delete all forwarded messages from my account.
  • Type the email address to which you want your messages forwarded in the box.
  • Click on Save when finished.

Please note: These instructions refer to setting up mail forwarding rules to automatically have email sent to your Message Center address to another email address. If you'd like to learn how to forward an email message you've received to other email addresses, click here.

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