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Using Folders


A folder is an electronic container that stores your email . The BlueLight Internet Email on the Web, by default, contains five main folders and six sub-folders. The main folders contain all of your messages for that folder and the subfolders hold either Email that are found in the folder. Your new received messages go into the Inbox, your default folder. Any detected unsolicited mail (spam) will get placed in the Junk Mail folder. When you keep a copy of your sent mail, it is stored in the Sent folder. All deleted mail goes to the Trash folder, where they get erased permanently at the end of your Email on the Web session. Finally, messages you want to work on later can be stored in the Draft folder.

You have the ability to create and modify folders to organize your stored email, and move messages from one folder to another. You can also set up how mail is sorted into these folders with Sort & Delete Settings.

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