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Errors/Symptoms - Complete Listings
Error Messages   Symptoms
Error Messages
Email message not available
Your Email on the Web session is about to expire
Your Email on the Web session has expired
Please separate the recipients on your list by using commas
The Email Address or Password you entered could not be verified
You have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts
The filename you have entered cannot be found
The filename you have entered must be a .CSV file
We're sorry but the Address Book import feature is not currently supported for the email service you selected
Address Book contacts not imported
I can't see all of the vCard information in my Address Book
Symptoms and solutions
How to sort the Address Book
How to auto save sent messages
Disable headers in forwarded messages / while reading mail
Sending mail using nickname in address book
Messages per page
Mails forwarded as an attachment
Messages disappeared from inbox
Why does the right margin get cut-off when I print from Email on the Web?