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Creating a New Sort & Delete Setting (Platinum and BlueLight Internet MegaMail members)

Note:If you're using BlueLight Internet's new Message Center, please click here.

A new feature of Email on the Web for Platinum and BlueLight Internet MegaMail members is the ability to use Sort & Delete Settings to assign specific actions to incoming messages. These actions allow you to move messages to folders, delete messages, or send a copy of a message to a folder. Click here to sign up for Platinum or MegaMail and have access to Sort & Delete Settings.

To create a New Sort & Delete Setting:

  1. Click the Email Features link within Email on the Web.
  2. On the Email Features screen, click the Sort & Delete link.
  3. The Email Features: Sort & Delete screen will appear, displaying your current Sort & Delete Settings, if any exist.

    Note: The image displayed below will not be displayed if the Sort & Delete option is being used for the first time.
  1. Click Create to add a new Sort & Delete Setting.
  2. The Create Sort & Delete Setting screen will appear.
  1. Type a name for your new Sort & Delete Setting in the first box.
  1. Select a condition that will trigger your new Sort & Delete Setting from the dropdown menu under When I get a message with this condition.

Conditions include:

It is fromFrom a certain address*memberid@
The subject isWith exact text in the subject line*meeting
The subject containsContains certain text in the subject line*Investment
The subject starts withThe first word in the subject is*FWD
The subject ends withThe last word in the subject is*needed!
I am the only recipientOnly your email address is in the To: line 
I am not the only recipientMore than one email address is in the To: or Cc: lines 
It is not sent directly to meYour email address is not in the To: line 
It is addressed toThe To: line contains a certain address*memberid@
The text contains**The body of the message contains certain text*Low-Risk
It has attachmentsThe message has an attachment 
The size [in KB] is larger thanThe message is larger than a certain size*250

*User specified
**NOTE: If you select the text contains in Step 2, this may cause delays when signing into Email on the Web while your mail is processed.

  1. Certain conditions require you to fill in the text box to the right. See the examples above for details.
  2. Once you complete a condition, select an action from the dropdown list under Then, do this.

Actions include:


Move it to folder

Moves a message to a specified folder, such as Junk MailJunk Mail folder
Copy it to folderSends a copy of a message to a specified folder, such as Important RecordsImportant Records folder
Delete itMoves a message to the Trash folder 
  1. If you choose Move it to folder or Copy it to folder, click the dropdown menu that says Select a Folder to choose a folder where your message should go. If you choose Delete it, the folder will be greyed out since deleted messages are always sent to the Trash.
  2. When you are finished, click the Save button. To cancel your changes, click Cancel.
  3. The Email Features: Sort & Delete screen will appear with your new Sort & Delete setting on the list.

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