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Managing Spam

BlueLight Internet has an explicit and zero tolerance policy toward spam and other unsolicited emails, and prohibit any of our members from engaging in spamming (please click here to read our Terms of Service, and here to read our Guidelines of Acceptable Use). We also take every measure to ensure our members are not subjected to spam. However, despite our best efforts, our members will occasionally receive spam. We encourage members to report any spam or email abuse.

What is junk mail?
What is spam?
What tools does BlueLight Internet provide to help me deal with spam?
Why do I get spam?
How do I report spam?
How do I avoid spam?
How can I control spam?
Does Email on the Web have built-in spam blocker?
Can I use my third-party spam blocker with Email on the Web?
What is BlueLight Internet's spam policy?
How do I report junk mail?
How do I send messages with full headers?
How can I turn on or turn off headers?
How do I send spam to the Junk Mail folder?

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