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BlueLight Internet Toolbar - Search / Browse Feature

If your BlueLight Companion is set to Classic Mode, you will see the Go Search! button. Clicking this button will automatically open a new browser window and allow you to use our powerful search function to find what you need.

You can also use the Search feature on the BlueLight Internet Toolbar in your browser to perform a search. Just type your search keyword in the Search bar on the BlueLight Internet Toolbar and click the Go Search! button. Your Web browser will automatically open the search results in a new browser window.

To use the BlueLight Internet Search / Browse function on the BlueLight Internet Toolbar:

  1. Type in a general search keyword in the Go Search bar (For example: Music).
  2. Click the Go Search! button on the BlueLight Internet Toolbar.
  3. BlueLight Internet will automatically run a search and open your browser with the results.

Now all you have to do is click on the URL or hypertext link of your choice, and you will be taken directly to the Web site you selected.