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Connection Speeds

What connection speeds does BlueLight Internet offer?

BlueLight Internet members can access BlueLight Internet's services at speeds up to 56k, using compression technology. Slower modems will also be able to connect at 28.8k, and 33.6k. We do not recommend connections slower than 28.8k.

Why can't I connect at exactly 56K?

FCC regulations prevent all devices attached to the telephone network from exceeding a certain power output. As a result, BlueLight Internet has scaled back the output, which has a direct effect on the speed at which we can transfer data. Currently, we have the server modem limit set to 53333Kbps. This does not mean that people will be unable to hit the higher speeds, it just decreases the likelihood of it.

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In addition, there are other factors that can influence the connection rate and the speed at which you transfer data. Even though one end of the connection is pure digital, there are things that can hamper a connection without preventing it altogether. Essentially, the quality of the phone line plays a key role in the connection speed.

Why is my connection so slow?

Slow connections, despite having a 56k modem, may occur for several reasons:

  • Slower access numbers
  • Incorrect modem settings
  • Older modem drivers / initialization strings
  • Phone line noise

To troubleshoot this issue, click here.