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Operating System

Connection Errors / Solutions

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Error Messages
Connection Failed - The memberID or password you have entered is incorrect
Connection Failed - Unable to contact our network
Connection Failure - Could not connect using any of the specified numbers
Error 20 - Unable to obtain a stable connection
Error 602: Port Already Open
Error 629: Port disconnected by the remote computer
Error 645: Internal Authentication Error
Error 650: Server not Responding
Error 666: Device not Ready
Error 676: The line is busy
Error 678 / 718: Remote modem not responding / Remote timeout
Error 680: There is no dial tone
Error 691: Username - Password Invalid
Error 731 - PPP connection failed
Failed connecting to our server
Internet Connect - The connection has failed
The application BlueLight Internet has unexpectedly quit
Unable to Contact BlueLight Internet Server
Questions / Problems
Can I use Remote Access to connect to BlueLight Internet?
Can I use pulse dialing?
I can't hear my modem dial
I can't obtain a stable connection with BlueLight Internet
I can't view Web pages
My computer 'Freezes' (Locks Up) when I use BlueLight Internet
Why is my connection slow?

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Search our knowledge base