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Connection Errors / Solutions

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Error Messages
I receive Error 02: BlueLight Internet software is already running while connecting
Error 17: BlueLight Internet has encountered a problem and needs to close
Error 500: Connection Error
Error 602: Port Already Open
Error 619: The port is disconnected
Error 629: Port disconnected by the remote computer
Error 630: Port Disconnected due to Hardware Failure
Error 631: The Port was Disconnected by the User
Error 633: Port already in use or not configured for Remote Access dial out
Error 645: Internal Authentication Error
Error 666: Device not Ready
Error 677: A person answered instead of a modem
Error 678: Remote modem not responding
Error 691: Username - Password invalid
Error 692: Hardware failure in port or attached device
Error: DUN (Dial-up Networking) not installed
Error: TCP/IP not installed
Dial-Up Networking Password Option Unavailable
Error 718: PPP timeout
Error 720: No PPP control protocols configured
Error 721: Remote PPP peer is not responding
Error 1273: Problem Connecting to the Internet
Application Cannot Continue
Other RAS errors
AOL starts when I connect to BlueLight Internet
I'm having problems with my modem, what can I do?
Can I use Dial-Up Networking (DUN) to connect to BlueLight Internet?
Can I use pulse dialing?
My Modem keeps making noise even after I get connected

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