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Common Errors / Solutions

Errors / Solutions by Category
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The following Error Messages cover all aspects of the BlueLight Internet Service:

Error/Solution - Complete Listings
Numbered Errors   Unnumbered Errors   No Error Message
Numbered Error Messages
Account Not Detected
Automatically Reconnect
Error 02 - BlueLight Internet software is already running
Error 17 - BlueLight Internet has encountered a problem and needs to close
Error 20 - Unable to obtain a stable connection
Error 553: Domain is not in my list of RCTP Hosts
Error 602: Port Already Open
Error 619: The port is disconnected
Error 629: Port disconnected by the remote computer
Error 630: Port Disconnected Due to Hardware Failure
Error 631: The Port was Disconnected by the User
Error 633: Port already in use or not configured for Remote Access dial out
Error 645: Internal Authentication Error
Error 650: Server not Responding
Error 666: Device not Ready
Error 676: The line is busy
Error 677: A person answered instead of a modem
Error 678: Remote modem not responding
Error 680: There is no dial tone
Error 691: Username - Password Invalid
Error 692: Hardware failure in port or attached device
Error 718: PPP timeout
Error 720: No PPP control protocols configured
Error 721: Remote PPP peer is not responding
Error 731: Protocol Not Configured
Unnumbered Error Messages - Alphabetical Listing
Access Denied
Application Cannot Continue
Computer is not receiving a response from the modem
Configuration Error
Connection Failure - The memberID or password you have entered is incorrect
Connection Type Conflict
Content Advisor Information is Missing or Has Been Tampered With
Couldn't open FCC File
Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols
DirectX not installed
Disable IPX Header Compression
DUN (Dial-up Networking) not installed
Error in Hhctrl.ocx (when installing BlueLight Internet)
Failed connecting to our server
Failed to automatically enable the proxy settings in Internet Explorer
HYBR Error - Poor Network Connection
HyperText Transfer Protocol Error
In order to run BlueLight Internet successfully, you must be running the latest version of Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking
Internet media component for Macromedia Flash is not installed
Internet media component for Windows Media Player is not installed
'Invalid password' when checking mail
MAPI Spooler Has Shut Down Unexpectedly
Maximum Reached
Member ID Not Saved
Microsoft Dial-Up Adapter is not installed
Modem does not exist, is not plugged in, or is out of service
No network connection established
Ordinal 136 Could Not Be Located In The Dynamic Link Library Mapi32.dll
Outllib.dll Is Linked to Missing Export Mapi32.dll
Page cannot be displayed
Password Not Saved
Problem starting BlueLight Internet
Proxy Server
Select Time
Server not responding
TCP/IP not installed
The following network components are not installed: TCP/IP
The file sdi.db, used by NetZero HiSpeed, cannot be created or modified
The NetZero HiSpeed software is already running
Unable to Contact BlueLight Internet Server
Unable to logon to the server using Secure Password Authentication
Unable to open outgoing mail file
You could not be logged on to mail server
You do not have any accounts configured for sending email
You have exceeded the timeframe to download the full version of the BlueLight Internet software
Your copy of the NetZero HiSpeed software has been corrupted
Winsock 2.0 must be installed
Issues with no Error Message - Alphabetical Listing
AOL starts when I connect to BlueLight Internet
Can I hide or minimize the BlueLight Internet Companion?
Can I use Dial-Up Networking (DUN) to connect to BlueLight Internet?
Can I use pulse dialing?
Dial-Up Networking Password Option Unavailable
Graphics or Webpages Do Not Display Properly
How do I change the volume on BLTV?
I can't change or customize the Search settings for Internet Explorer
I can't close or log off from BlueLight Internet
I can't complete my profile
I can't get past the My BlueLight Internet login page
I can't hear my modem dial
I can't log in to the "My Account" page
I can't obtain a stable connection with BlueLight Internet
I can't view Web pages
I double-click on the BlueLight Internet icon, but nothing happens
I get a NetZero HiSpeed Unavailable status
I get disconnected after sending and receiving email
Messenger Mailbox does not open when selected
My computer 'Freezes' (Locks Up) when I use BlueLight Internet
My Modem keeps making noise even after I get connected
Netscape crashes when I access web pages that use Java applets
'Please wait a moment while we update your software' stays on the screen
The BlueLight Internet software failed to update correctly after reboot
The BlueLight Internet software launches every time I turn on my computer
The BlueLight Internet screen flashes and I can't log on
The BlueLight Internet window does not appear
The BlueLight Internet Companion does not display
The BlueLight Internet Companion is making a clicking noise
The BlueLight Internet Companion will not dock / undock properly
The BLTV screen does not close
RAS errors
Unfound Messages
When I click on the Connect button, nothing happens
Windows NT 4.0 Dial-Up Networking Installation
Windows Update doesn't work