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Operating System

Common Browsing Errors / Solutions

The file sdi.db, used by NetZero HiSpeed, cannot be created or modified. As a result, NetZero HiSpeed acceleration is unavailable for this online session.

NetZero HiSpeed uses this file to store information about itself while it is in operation. This message appears when the file has become corrupted, it or the folder that it is in has been marked read only, or you do not have permissions on this computer to create or modify files.

Possible Solutions
A. Delete sdi.db
B. Make sure you have the rights to create and modify files

A. Delete sdi.db

  1. From the Windows Start Menu, select Find and choose Files or Folders.
  2. In the Named box, enter sdi.db.
  3. In the Look in box, select Local Hard Drives. If this option is not available, select Local Disk (C:) or simply type C:
  4. Click Find Now.
  5. If sdi.db appears in the results windows, highlight it with the mouse and press the Delete (or Del) key on your keyboard. If asked if you want to send this file to the Recycle Bin, click Yes.
  6. Try reconnecting to BlueLight Internet.

B. Make sure you have the rights to create and modify files

If you are trying to use NetZero HiSpeed on a networked computer at your office, it is possible that your network administrator has not given you the rights to create or modify files within the BlueLight Internet folder on this computer. Contact your network administrator for assistance.