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Extending Email Headers - Netscape Mail 3.x

Extending email headers will enable you to identify who sent you a particular email message and how you received it. Complete the following steps to extend the header of an email and to file a complaint with BlueLight Internet regarding the spam or offending message.

To show extended email headers:

  1. Open the email message.
  2. From the Options menu, point to Show Headers and select All.
  3. Additional information including the return path, received-from data and the message ID will be shown.

Note: If you want to report spam or an offensive message, you will need to copy and paste the full header and the actual text of the spam or offensive message in to a new email message.

  1. Left-click at the beginning of the header and drag over the entire header and message.
  2. Right-click and select Copy.
  3. Open a new message.
  4. Click once in the text box and select Edit and Paste.
  5. Enter in the To: field to report a problem.