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Operating System

Browser Settings

What browsers does BlueLight Internet support?
How do I change my default Web browser?
How do I set my Home Page?
How do I change my browser's search provider?
How do I delete Cookies?
How do I change the Cookie preferences?
My web page is loading slow.
How do I improve my surfing speed?
How do I delete Temporary Internet Files?
How do I clear History?
How do I set my browser's security settings?
How do I prevent Web site addresses from appearing automatically in the address bar?
How do I adjust the Content Advisor settings?
How do I search the Web?
How do I save Web pages to view them at a later time?
How do I disable the BlueLight Internet toolbar in Internet Explorer?
How do I search the Web using the BlueLight Internet ToolBar?
How do I use Add-ons in IE7?
How do I disable Protect mode?
How do I enable Third-party browser extensions?
How do I disable the Phishing filter?
How do I disable and enable the pop-up Blocker?

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