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No local access numbers available

We apologize if there are no local access numbers in your area.

For our most recent list of access numbers, go to

Note: Please make sure you check the access numbers for each BlueLight Internet account on your computer and BlueLight Internet accounts that may be on other computers in your household.

If the access numbers you selected match the numbers on your phone bill, there are a number of reasons why you may have connected to BlueLight Internet with an access number that is not in your local calling area, including the following:

  • If the access numbers you selected are the same as the numbers on your phone bill, but the town name is different, the access number may be mislabeled. Please contact Customer Service to let us know. Our representatives are available 5 days a week, from 10AM to 7PM Eastern Time.

  • If you selected an access number that was within your area code, but still incurred charges, you may have made a toll call. Toll calls are calls within the same area code that cover a larger distance than a local call. We cannot guarantee that an access number is not a toll call; only your local phone company can provide this information and identify the number as a toll call number. You should call your local phone company to see if your access numbers are local or toll calls.

  • If there was a recent area code change in your area and you received a new area code, your access number may have become toll call. Please call your phone company to find out if the new number is a toll call or a local call dialed with 10 digits.

Other questions about access numbers: