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Access Numbers

Is there a local access number in my area?
How do I change my access numbers in the BlueLight Internet software?
Why can't I connect to my access number?
How do I enable or disable call waiting?
If I don't have a local number, will I be charged for connecting to BlueLight Internet?
How can I request that local access numbers be offered in my area?
What do I do if an access number I've used before is now missing?
What do I do if an access number is listed on BlueLight Internet's access number Web site but does not appear in my BlueLight Internet access numbers list?
How do I make BlueLight Internet dial the area code and/or 1 before an access number?
I use my computer from more than one location. How do I set up a different dialing profile for each location?
Which BlueLight Internet access numbers have 56K capabilities?

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